IRISTEK high-end car wrap vinyl is designed by IRISTEK and manufactured by Ally Sign New Material Co., Limited, equipped with full series producing machinery, skillful workers, strong R&D ability and highly strict quality control system. 

Our products include satin chrome vinyl, white flip wrap vinyl, pearl metallic vinyl, holographic vinyl, rainbow chrome vinyl, magic wrap vinyl, midnight glitter vinyl, paint protection film, 3D psychedelic wrap vinyl and so on. The product is characteristics of no fading, no glue falling, protecting the car paint, 2 years’ warranty and durability can last 5 years and powerful color R&D ability is our unique advantages.

What is car wrap vinyl?


It's about colors.

It's about happiness.

It's about loving cars.


(Pearl Metallic Pink) MPB5
(Ceramic Silver)SCJ5
(Pearl Metallic Red) MPB0
(Auburnish Red )MGB9
(Magic Golden Blue) MWG8
(Satin Chameleon Purple to Blue) SHG6
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