Brand Story

IRISTEK Derives From An Ancient Greek Fairy Tale

Iris is the Greek goddess of the rainbow who sped from place to place to give messages to the living from the gods, listening to the emotions of mortals and sharing their joys and sorrows as well, she is deeply loved and respected by the people.


As the lovely goddess of the rainbow returns to the real world, she becomes the beautiful iris flower which symbolizes light and freedom. She deeply attracts one man at his first sight, whose name was Vincent Willem van Gogh, the creator of the world masterpiece IRIS.



Stable Technology Exists In IRISTEK Products

TEK refers to the most advanced and stable technology means of IRISTEK products, it allows people to build their own automobile kingdom by the simplest process.


High-tech IRISTEK car wrapping vinyl continues the beauty and multi-coloured of goddess of the rainbow, people from all over the world can express feelings and emotions by various colors of IRISTEK.

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